• iB4the1.1 is our first musical novel, and it’s yours for free.

Fantom Island is an off-the-grid nation of aimless builders.

The structures in development often remain as such – in development. The centerpiece of the capital city is The Imaginary i – a leaning tower of sorts, but one that continues to gain height, brick by brick, without ever a plan for the building to be of use. But no mind, because none of these creations have any purpose, anyway.

Gone are the days when this land’s citizens could indulge such luxuries as architecture, philosophy, and politics. Instead, all energies have been channeled toward powering one of the two opposing tribes; The NotSees, so bent on the prescribed missions of their civilization that they have placed perspective before purpose – and the HereNows, obsessed with escaping the status quo to the extent of losing themselves just to be away from it all.

To be quite, honest, this legend has remained in its first chapters ever since iLL-Literacy began envisioning it in 2008. After completing the first episode of our journey, we found the obstacles within and outside of our collective too daunting to prepare a follow-up in the shortening timeline of this viral age. For the past half decade, we’ve been chasing rabbit holes, taunted by bright lights that flicker shut once they become graspable. Rent doesn’t wait for you to blow up, and hunger is a poor trainer for Fame.

But hark! It seems that the Imagineers have returned, and the threat of a tyranny by the neighboring StagNation is at bay. The time is right for new songs to emerge. Stay tuned, the best is yet to ComeDown.

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